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We are Different
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One proposition dominated all design  – how good can it be?  We started from the ideal state and asked, if somehow we knew we could not fail, what would we attempt?  From there, the natural question became, why not?

Size is the anchor of performance!  Therefore we will strictly limit the amount of money that we manage.

  • There are clear diseconomies of scale in this industry.
  • There is a limited number of quality opportunities.

Our Money will be invested the same as yours.  All decision makers at our firm will invest all of their own money precisely the same as that of the portfolios we manage for our clients.

Drift in the style used to manage your money is unthinkable!  We believe that style-drift by a money manager is morally repulsive.

Repeatability is the ultimate quest of all investors.  Track records might be nice, but what is important are demonstrable reasons to believe that success will continue in the future.  The application of principles that have been proven to be useful over long periods of time by a vast array of managers is the sort of information that investors can actually use.

Transparency – We have every intention of setting the bar high.  Why? Because this is how we can demonstrate that we care and, over time, this is how we will build trust.  We will take as much time as is necessary to answer your questions so that you are comfortable.

  • Ad hoc meetings are not only welcome – they tend to be more constructive.
  • As trust builds, communication becomes easier.  It's a virtuous circle and it is how we will differentiate ourselves.

Growth Rate of assets under management at our firm must be subordinated to the growth rate of our talent pool.  Why is this important to you?

  • The evidence is overwhelming: successful investing demands traits more of character and passion than of latent brain power and resumes.