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Our Vision
Gracor Investors

Our Firm

At Gracor, we manage money for true investors.  We seek to achieve the greatest capital growth with the lowest possible risk.

To that end we are value managers – or stated more correctly – we apply the principles articulated in Benjamin Graham’s body of work.  This is considered long-term, bottom-up investing that emphasizes fundamental analysis of undervalued businesses throughout the world.

Our Goal

Our audacious goal is to be the best manager.  Not the best value manager or a top decile manager; the best manager.  To achieve our goals we apply timeless principles, limit our size, and grow our own talent.

Above all, we aspire to build something bigger than ourselves that will stand the test of time – to our clients’ benefit.  At Gracor, our goal is not only to be great "time tellers"; we will put in the effort necessary to be great "clock builders."

Our Promise

  • We will never forget that we are managing other people’s money.
  • We will invest all of our money precisely as we invest your money.
  • We will listen to you with an empathic ear.
  • We will share with you.
  • We will tell you the truth.

Any Questions

Call us.  We promise that you will never get an automated answering service during business hours.